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As both a pilot and an attorney, I have a strong bond with my aviation clients. My background and my passion allow me to relate to my clients on a meaningful level and assist them with a variety of needs. I have represented everything from aircraft accidents to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) enforcement actions, FAA medical safety violations, international aviation cases, and even airport closing battles. 

One particular case is near and dear to my heart, and it’s a case that involves the Smith Field Airport (KSMD) here in Fort Wayne. I learned to fly at Smith Field, soloing in the summer of 1976 while in college and later obtaining my private pilot’s license. Though I always planned to become an attorney, aviation has been a lifelong interest of mine, and I have forever looked back on the Smith Field Airport with fond memories of my first flight lessons there. 

Much to my dismay, I was later notified in 2003 that the airport would be closing. Fortunately, a group known as “Smith Airfield ForEver” (SAFE) reached out to me for legal representation. Together, we were able to fight to save the airport. We benefited from ample support from the community, too, as people throughout the city helped convince the Fort Wayne Allen County Airport Authority of Smith Field’s value and potential. I’m proud to say that nearly 15 years later, the airport is still alive and growing. It was an honor to help preserve Smith Field, and it’s simply one example of why I practice aviation law. 

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Aviation law is a unique but broad field. I am happy to speak with you regarding any type of matter you may be experiencing, but these are some of the most common cases I handle: 

  • Airplane Accident Investigations 
  • Airplane Crash Injuries & Wrongful Death
  • FAA Enforcement & Medical Safety Cases
  • FAA & DOT Certifications
  • Airport Preservation
  • Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions 
  • International Aircraft Imports & Exports 
  • Aircraft Financing
  • Aircraft Leasing
  • Aircraft Charter, Management, & Services Agreements
  • Aviation Tax
  • Aircraft Registration
  • Aviation Litigation

Helping Pilots, Airports, and Other Businesses Near and Far

I have represented international clients, such as Europe’s largest air ambulance carrier, in various aviation matters. Today, I remain ready to assist entities outside this country with their legal needs in the U.S. International aviation law is an area I’m particularly interested in. After all, there are a limited number of aviation attorneys around the world and even fewer with a well-rounded understanding of the practice. I am passionate about helping local businesses distribute in other countries, representing foreign businesses that have problems in the U.S., and partnering with foreign counsel across the globe. That being said, I am certainly not limited to these areas alone. Simply let me know how I can best serve you.

International Aviation Law Attorney in Fort Wayne, IN

Large corporations and local pilots alike have sought my representation in matters of aviation law. If you work within the aviation industry yourself, I believe you and I will likely have an understanding of one another, as my previous aviation clients have remarked that my background allowed me to more readily understand the challenges they were facing than I otherwise could have. No matter the issue you are facing, I will help you find an answer. Contact my firm today to schedule your complimentary consultation.