Whether you are a business owner or an everyday individual, the thought of going to court is probably rather stressful. Potential clients often tell me that they have avoided taking legal action for this very reason. Additionally, many are concerned about cost and time off from work. Yet it is important to know that the process of litigation does not have to be a headache. Let’s address some common misconceptions. 

Settling Before Trial

Litigation refers to the entire process of preparing a lawsuit and attending trial, but not all litigation cases require you to go to court. Even if your case was not a good fit for mediation, there is still a high probability that it could be settled prior to trial. Attorneys often negotiate with each other before their clients ever reach the courthouse, maximizing efficiency and minimizing worry on their behalf. 

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When Settlement Is Not a Viable Solution

Still, there are times when trial is the best course of action, such as when the opposing counsel will not make a fair deal. Even in these cases, litigation can be much less painful than you may expect. Throughout my 36 years of practice, I have found that transparency and preparation are two of the most effective ways to reduce my clients’ anxiety. Here are some of the factors I discuss with them before ever proceeding with trial:

The Options

My clients drive the process. For this reason, I always ensure they’re aware of all of their choices for resolution. After we have discussed all of the alternatives, we then make a decision on how to proceed together based upon the knowledge and analysis I have shared. 

The Risks

If we decide to move forward with litigation, I will make you aware of the risks up front. Though I have been in practice for quite some time and can typically predict how a case will unfold, trial is never set in stone. Therefore, I make a point to illuminate any potential risk factors to my clients so they’re never caught off-guard by a worst case scenario. 

What to Expect 

Real-life trials aren’t anything like what most have seen on TV. Before my clients are ever asked to testify, I educate them on how litigation actually works so they can feel at ease in the process. So, please, do not worry if this is your first encounter with the legal system. I am here to guide you the entire way.

The Sooner You Reach Out, the Better 

Conflicts are best resolved early on. Do not wait to take legal action until the dispute has escalated. You are more likely to benefit from a successful negotiation if you are proactive. And, on the off chance that your situation can be resolved without the help of an attorney, I can advise you on what your next steps should be so that you can more quickly come to an agreement with the other party. 

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My litigation practice spans far and wide. I help the people of Fort Wayne in matters of personal injury, business conflicts, real estate disputes, and many other types of civil cases. Let’s meet one-on-one to discuss your unique situation and draft a plan for resolution. Your first consultation is offered free of charge, and all personal injury cases are worked on a contingency fee basis.