Michael Loomis is an excellent Aviation lawyer.  Very professional, very knowledgeable, very experienced and with the right attitude to deal with any legal aviation challenge put in front of him.

I had the personal pleasure to work with Michael on a challenging event facing the FAA. Michael’s wealth of knowledge, his past experiences, and his meticulous work helped tremendously in undoing an unnecessary legal knot.

This was one of those instances where the Pilot has to make the case that while being the Pilot-in-Command, he sometimes needs to do things out of the ordinary in order to maintain flight safety.  It is not always easy to make that case and Michael was the right person for that important task.

-Past Pilot Client

During the litigation process of our Federal case, Mike was always three steps ahead of the defendant’s attorneys. On multiple occasions, he was able to predict their next moves making this life-changing experience more bearable. Mike’s experience shows through his unchallenged knowledge of litigation processes. Mike was our attorney; now he’s our friend.

-James and Dana

The FAA demanded the forfeiture of my Aviation Medical Certificate due to a charge of DWI even though I had been found not guilty of the charge.  Attorney Loomis subsequently won a two year administrative and judicial battle that set new precedent within the Aviation Medical Community. He worked tirelessly on my behalf to restore my flying privileges.

-Past Pilot Client