J. Michael Loomis

"As a young boy who liked to challenge the status quo, the decision to attend law school was easy. What's surprising is how much being an attorney has shaped me as a man."

I applied for law school because I wanted to change the world, but I later learned I could make a greater impact by transforming one life at a time. Today, I continue to fulfill this mission by responding to the needs of others both in my practice and my community.

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Practice Areas

Serving Your Most Pressing Needs & Building Valuable Relationships for the Future


When you’ve been severely wronged or simply cannot reach an agreement in any other way, you may need to file a lawsuit.
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If you’d like to minimize risk and preserve your time, money, and peace of mind, you may benefit from an alternative approach.
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Aviation Law

Aviation companies around the globe rely on my representation, but I am happy to provide counsel to private pilots, as well.
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Other Legal Services

I’m also here for you in matters of personal injury, business law, divorce, professional license defense, DUI, and more.
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An Experienced Aviation Attorney with a Unique Mission
After representing the group that saved the Smith Field Airport, I became interested in preserving other airports across the nation."
J. Michael Loomis

When I was 20 years old, I learned how to fly a plane at the Smith Field Airport. It was a personal dream of mine, but I never realized how much it would impact my career as an attorney.

After graduating from law school and earning my private pilot’s license, I later learned that the Smith Field Airport was about to close its doors. A local physician then contacted me, and together, we fought to save the airport. If you live in Fort Wayne, you’ll know we were successful, as Smith Field is still alive and thriving today. I consider this story to be one of my greatest accomplishments, and I’d love to help save other airports throughout the country.

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Mediation Referrals

We're more effective when we partner together

Let’s each focus on what we do best. That’s a simple way of forming a winning team. 

Secure a registered mediator for your client

If you’ve determined that your client’s case can likely be settled outside of court, please do not hesitate to send them my way. When you refer a client to my firm, I ensure they are left with a favorable impression of both my performance and your network.

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Thoughts from my clients


Whether you walk into my office or simply speak to me over the phone, my first thought will be, "How can i take your stress away?"

When clients first contact me, they’re generally up against difficult situations that have exasperated their anxiety and temporarily destroyed their ability to rationalize. So, before I can focus on solving their problem, I must first get them thinking clearly. After all, I never want my clients to spend frivolously or take action they later regret. 

Still, the process of putting my clients at ease is about more than just solving the issue at hand. Listening to my clients’ stories and helping them navigate systems beyond the law are ways for us to bond and build the trust and rapport necessary for us to work side by side.

Attorneys are also known as “counselors,” and that’s important to remember. Law is a practice for the people, and your attorney should be there to compassionately guide you every step of the way. 

I believe this philosophy is the reason I have so many long-term clients at my firm. By the time I have resolved someone’s case, I have come to know and care about them as an individual. For this reason, I am always available to assist my clients with other legal services down the line, even if they may be outside of my main areas of practice. It’s all part of responding to the needs of my clients.